Bedtime Story with Eva

June 19, 2020


#OnceUponATime lived one of the most powerful queens, Queen #EvaHerzigova. She was beautiful and generous like every mother. But if someone broke her trust, she burned them alive. Due to coronavirus restrictions, photographer and artist Laura Sciacovelli took a two-day car trip through Italy to photograph #HerMajesty at the decadent house of Carlo Mollini. And it worked.

Whether you prefer #FairyTales about evil queens or successful princesses, keep telling them. If we believe that the world can be a better place, it will become one.

Eva is wearing balloon sleeve dress @maisonvalentino (@lbm_parizska); necklace @crystalsbypreciosa

The new issue of #VogueCS will be released on June 18th.


Original Post Vogue Czechoslovakia

Model & Art Direction Eva Herzigova

Photography Laura Sciacovelli

Editor-in-Chief  Andrea Běhounková

Producer Marita Majvald

Stylist Jan Králíček