DEV1CE signs with Unsigned

April 22, 2021

dev1ce agency

We proudly announce our move into the world of competitive gaming, with the signing of Nicolai ‘DEV1CE’ Reedtz; considered the greatest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player of all-time. Unsigned Group exclusively manages DEV1CE for all professional contract, branding, endorsement, and licensing deals.


Nicolai’s focus is to continue building his legacy and maintain a standard of excellence and longevity never before seen in esports. His approach to mental health, physical fitness, and team psychology mirror that in top athletes in traditional sports. 


Commenting on joining Unsigned, DEV1CE said:

“Esports has been considered the Wild West in player management for too long, it’s been accepted as the norm: we are a partnership at Unsigned, working together to create real and interesting opportunities in the esports space. I’m really excited to be working together and for people to see our plans and for others to be on the journey with us.”


Gavin Myall, CEO of Unsigned, said:

“Unsigned has always had talent at the centre of what we do, the phenomenal and rapid growth of esports has not been mirrored in the way in which players and brands in the sport are represented, Unsigned want to address that. Player management and the IP that is created with and around them is paramount to building a long term career in the business: gaining access to the sport, the clubs, players and the fans is essential for brands on a global scale. DEV1CE is a partner and a key signing for Unsigned, I couldn’t be happier.”

dev1ce agency
dev1ce agency